Clever and intuitive software for schools

Connecting your school.

We offer a range of school management products to make day-to-day life easier for students, parents, teachers and school management.

Engage your community with online enrolment forms, iOS and Android mobile applications, user-friendly websites and campus maps — all playing nice with your existing school systems.


Digistorm Reach
Manage all of your external communications from a single location, making it easier to keep everything from websites and apps to social media up-to-date with the latest information.

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School App
Communicate with your school community, keeping them up to date with current news, events and more.

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Digistorm Enrol
Collect and manage student enrolments through a simple, secure and intuitive online form.

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School Website
Showcase your school with a dynamic and engaging website.

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School Map
Bring your school to life with an interactive illustrated school map.

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Software that works together in an ecosystem

We believe that software should blend into its environment and adapt as it encounters other products. We design all of our software to effortlessly coexist with our own products and those of third parties.

Yes, we integrate with your existing systems

All of our applications are designed to integrate seamlessly with your schools internal systems. Whether you use Synergetic, TASS, Maze or another platform — we make it work. You can also take advantage of our API's for your own development needs.

School survey

Redeemer Lutheran College

Redeemer recently conducted a survey to find out how effective their school app is to the school community. 533 parents took part in the survey.

of families have access to the app
find the app useful and easy to use

Communicate effectively with your whole school community

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